The Gold Mate


In this video I am showing the installation of the shower head.

With The Gold Mate you can classify material directly on the Gold Cube. Normally you would pre-classify your material using five gallon buckets. I invented a simple way to process any material by just using the classifiers which fit into the classifier holder device called The Gold Mate. Using the water shower spray to wash the material through the classifiers you will quickly process large volumes of material.

Process your gold bearing material in one simple operation with the Gold Mate, a device which mounts on top of the Gold Cube which holds classifiers. A shower head water nozzle sprays water over your material which sends the gold bearing material down through the classifiers where the gold cube will capture your gold particles.

Installing the strainer on the bilge pump video.

Installing shower head video

This video shows the system in operation

I discovered that to eliminate plugging up your strainer it needs to have a large surface area. 

The Gold Mate


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Kit includes all the parts in the picture above:

Aluminum classifier holder,

PVC parts from the valve to the shower head,

Custom made strainer with cable ties

Process all your material all at once with The Gold Mate system!